Champion Belt & Chains

While the sweet taste of victory remains for a time, all the hard work, training, and preparation that goes into winning a competition deserves more. Promising students want their discipline rewarded. That’s why we’ve created Champion Chains and Belts to honor every win and victory.

Champion Chains

Imagine standing on a podium in front of your peers, friends, and family to have a Champion Chain placed on your neck as you’re crowned the winner. As you smile for photographs and wave to everyone cheering you on after your win, the chain, and its large plate shine and reflect the lights. That’s what we believe a true victory deserves.

Our champion chains make true showstoppers weighing in at several pounds, 32″ long and ¾” thick with a large front plate the back of the room will still see clearly. Paradigm Recognition can get the right champ chain to you fast, whether looking for a poker champion chain, fishing championship chain, youth football champ chain, or even a sales champion chain.

There’s even a BBQ cookoff champion chain for neighborhood grillers to display in their home after out-cooking the competition proudly. Some chefs want a reward for their hard work after hours spent tenderizing meat.

You can shop our range of champ chains here. Browse which options favor your sport or activity of choice.

Personalized Champ Chains

Are you looking for a chain for your company’s softball league or a different competition? No problem at all—Paradigm Recognition allows the personalization and customization of our chains. Easily upload your artwork or logo and add text for your chain and create as many as you need—at no extra charge. We’ll send you a virtual art proof for approval and start commemorating your victory.

Not sure if you want a heavy champ chain or looking for a discounted option? Check out our plastic option—a winner for children or anyone looking for a lightweight option.

Champion Belts

Do you know what stands out better than a trophy? One of Paradigm Recognition’s championship belts. Proudly display your victory as a show-stopping accessory or as a centerpiece on your trophy room wall. Doesn’t your hard work deserve a display of showmanship?

Whether you are looking for replica championship belts, a more modern championship title belt, or an option perfect for kids to show off their win, shop our selection to find the right style and fit. Like our champ chains, customize an affordable championship belt with your team’s logo or competition artwork at no extra charge. Create a keepsake for all your hard work and preparation that will last for generations.

Curate Your Custom Championship Awards From Paradigm Recognition

At Paradigm Recognition, we believe that victory deserves to be commemorated and immortalized. From sports to sales, whatever your passion, we’re ready to make you a souvenir that will make others jealous.

Ready to find the right champ chain or championship title belt for your next victory? Browse our selection or contact us for assistance. You can upload designs for custom options for our medals as well if you want to personalize the experience.