Race Medals from Paradigm Recognition

After all the hard work that goes into training for and running a race, participants deserve a special souvenir to commemorate the event. Paradigm Recognition carries quality race award medals for everything from track events to triathlons. These medals even come with engraving options so you can give participants a trinket they will treasure.

Race Participation Medals

Race medals make the perfect gift for participants. Each medal comes with a free neckband, and you can order 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place neckbands to differentiate the winners. No matter your race type, we have the best race medals.

5K Medals

5Ks are one of the most common types of races. These can be formal competitions, or you might be hosting a community event just to get everyone out and about. We carry a great selection of 5K medals for you to choose from. We offer medals with wreath and star borders, and if you’re looking for something a little extra special, we also have a Dual Plated 5K Medal.

10K Medals

The 10K is another common type of road race, and it’s popular amongst distance runners. To celebrate participants’ accomplishments, check out our 10K medals. The medals come with wreath borders, and you get to choose antique gold, bronze, or silver for the finish.

Triathlon Medals

Triathlons are endurance races consisting of swimming, cycling, and running. These are long, trying races that athletes spend months training hard for, and every participant deserves to take a medal home. Our triathlon medals feature images of athletes swimming, biking, and running to honor the event.

Track and Cross Country Medals

From sprints to relays, our track medals make great prizes. While cross country focuses more on distance, track events go big on speed. These medals feature running shoes with wings and stopwatches to celebrate track races. We offer track and cross country medals with wreath, starbrite, and star borders. If you want something that stands out, take a look at our colorful Patriotic Track Medal.

Celebrate With Race Medals From Paradigm Recognition

Our race medals make it easy for you to recognize the hard work of race participants. Select from our stock options, or design your own medal for something truly unique. For more information or help selecting the best medal, please contact us today!