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Reading Medals

Reading medals is a great way to encourage students to pick up books. They create tangible incentives that reward hard work, either throughout the year or as part of an annual program. Schools, libraries, and other institutions can use bronze reading medals for striving readers, silver for those making rapid progress, and the students that rush through the bookshelves.

Every student needs to learn how to read. Knowing how to identify letters and interpret them on a printed page is a virtual life skill. We use printed words to communicate and convey relevant information. A silver or gold reading medal can show the progress they’ve made during a program or throughout the year.

Options For Reading Award Medals For Sale

Try our free reading medal designer tool and preview your medal before buying it. Once you click on the award of your choice, our medal designer will pop up. You can see how it looks and make an informed decision. In addition, we have a variety of medal neckbands to adjust for comfort.

We currently have the APM Reading Medal in stock. It comes in either antique gold, silver, or bronze. In addition, the selection has an option for either a custom reading medal engraving or a clear Hi-Gloss label. That way, you can find options for your budget.

The best part of personalization is that you can tailor each medal for different winners if you prefer to pursue that method. That can give your student an award that they know was made for them to last for a long time. Ordering bulk reading medals can also save on costs.

Why Are Reading Programs Important?

People of all ages have different reading proficiencies. Some kids may struggle as much as adults, especially when factoring in home, school, or work atmospheres.

Reading programs can spark joy to encourage people to read on their own and find the topics that interest them. They just need that one story that draws them in or a nonfiction book that educates them about science, history, or culture. The more that a person reads, the more likely they’ll find that spark.

A well-researched program will focus on helping those that have trouble finding joy in the written word. That can be due to potential disabilities, extenuating factors such as stress or a crisis, or lack of accommodations. Some books assigned for summer reading may be advanced for the age group or dated with history.

When you pair an excellent program with appropriate book and lamp medals or awards, then you have a higher chance of encouraging students and adults to open the next book on their list. You want them to find joy.

Find Your Reading Award Design At Paradigm Recognition

At Paradigm Recognition, we take reading very seriously. Books can change a person’s life for the better and encourage them to learn more outside the classroom. We want you to be able to recognize your readers with the highest quality Reading Medals. We offer an extensive line of Reading Medals to meet every need, including color, size options, budgets, and event dates.

To find out more, please reach out to us today to ask about our options. We will answer all your questions and adjust for custom designs. All medals come with a free neckband and engraving options, tested on our medal designing tool. We also provide fast on-time delivery as part of Paradigm Recognition’s customer service policies.