Wholesale Wrestling Medals for Your Team

Wrestlers bring a lot of energy and effort to the mat. However, what many people may not know is that wrestling is just as much a mental competition as it is a physical one. To outmaneuver their opponents, wrestlers have to come to the mat with the proper mental motivation.

As a coach, administrator, or manager of a local or scholastic wrestling league, it’s vital that you contribute to your athlete’s mindset through training, mentorship and, of course, appreciation.

Custom Wrestling Medals from Paradigm Recognition

Wrestling medals are a great way to recognize the hard work and achievement of your wrestlers, in the wrestling room as well as at school functions and athletic events. In fact, the custom bulk wrestling medals from Paradigm Recognition include up to three lines of engraving. This means that you can recognize individuals and teams by name, or for the specific accomplishments that earned them a prize – or both!

Wrestling Banquet Award Ideas

The 5 best wrestling award ideas for your next recognition ceremony include:

  1. Recognize an All-Star Wrestler with this Star wrestling medal.
  2. Designate an All-American Wrestling Champion with this Patriotic wrestling medal.
  3. Honor the Rookie of the Year with this Starbrite wrestling medal.
  4. Reward the Most Improved Wrestler of the Year with this Dual Plated wrestling medal.
  5. Commemorate the Shortest Bout of the Year with this Wreath wrestling medal.

Bulk Wrestling Medals for Sale

Wrestling is a tough sport, so it’s only fitting that the medals are too. These bulk customizable wrestling medals are durable, eye-catching, and inspiring.

This makes them perfect for rewarding champions in your school or local league. Because they’re available in silver, gold, or bronze, you can find just the right medal to suit any level of accomplishment.

Better still, the custom wrestling medals at Paradigm Recognition can be personalized, even when ordered in bulk. This means you can save time, effort, and resources securing everything you need in a single order.

Recognize Your Athletes with Customized Wrestling Medals

It’s the end of the season and everyone is trying to figure out what kind of reward to give their wrestlers. Customizable wrestling medals, champ chains, and championship belts from Paradigm Recognition are great options.

You can order exactly what you need, they ship quickly, and there are no minimums required. So, if you only need a single trophy or champ chain to display in a school award case, we’ve got you covered!

Plus, with just a few clicks on our website, it’s easy to order the perfect prizes for your wrestling banquet. You can select the sizes and finishes you need, you can upload a simple document with all of your desired inscriptions, and you can see our transparent pricing right there on the order page.
At Paradigm Recognition, we have a passion for recognizing the achievements of athletes, and the inspiration those achievements instill in all of us. We would love to help you find the perfect personalized wrestling medals for your athletics association. If you would like to discuss wrestling awards banquets ideas with us further, reach out to us today.