Personalized Cork Trivets

Do you know somebody who always seems to have the stovetop covered in bubbling or sizzling dishes? Personalized cork trivets are an excellent gift that will help the foodie or cook in your life to protect their countertops.

They’re also a great way to add some personality, style, and flair to your kitchen. Not only can you choose from our wide variety of designs, but each trivet is made with premium materials that will last for years.

What is a Trivet?

Cork trivets are a must-have for any kitchen. Cork naturally absorbs heat, so this personalized cookware can prevent surfaces from getting scorched by hot pots and pans.

They can be used on any surface, including wood, tile, marble, and even carpeting. The natural material also stays cool to the touch so you won’t have to worry about burns.

How to Make a Cork Trivet Personal

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, or a gift to you on self-care Sunday, a personalized cork trivet is a great way to express personality, and in a practical form that will get lots of use. Match the theme of your kitchen or home decor scheme while keeping the heat off your beautiful countertops.

A round personalized kitchen trivet is great for pots, and it provides ample space for customization. Add fish and sealife imagery to match a beach environment, or opt for geographical designs for a global theme.

For casserole dishes and grill pans, a square custom trivet is often more ideal. This shape provides the perfect facade for portrait-style imagery.

Does your foodie have a favorite author? Include a passage from one of their books. Perhaps they have a favorite movie or TV show? Add a quote from one of the characters.

Of course, you can never go wrong with an inspirational quote or inside joke. With customizable text, these can be personalized gifts for reminding the person you love of your special connection.

Designing a Personalized Cork Trivet

Personalized trivets are custom gift ideas that aren’t only perfect for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or housewarming gifts, but also for the office as well. Whether you want to show appreciation for a job well done, recognize an employee’s anniversary with the company, or provide corporate gifts during the holiday season, custom printed trivets are ideal for any occasion.

However, at Paradigm Recognition, we recognize that there are plenty of options, and an abundance of design ideas. When you’re picking out gifts for your friends, family, or coworkers, you want to be confident that your choice of supplier will be reliable, and your choice of product will be durable. When it comes to a gift that provides protective benefits, there’s nothing worse than finding out that your foodie has damaged a surface.
If you want to know more about the personalized bakeware that’s perfect for any custom gift bag, contact our team today. We love gift giving, so we’d be happy to help you find the right trivets for your kitchen.