Score a touchdown with your team when you select Paradigm Recognition’s Football medals for your Champion. We offer an extensive line of Football Medals to meet every need including color, size options, budgets, and event dates. All medals come with a free neckband and engraving options. We have fast, on-time delivery in time for the next season.

Selection of Flag Football Medals

Try our free Football medal designer tool and preview your medal before buying it. Once you click on the medal of your choice, our medal designer will pop up. We have antique gold, silver, and bronze finishes for your selection, and different colors for metal neckbands.

Check our options for personalization, to honor your individual athletes. If you want to provide a list of students, submit an Excel sheet with the names or messages you desire.

The 2.75″ Wreath Flag Football Medal can come with customization. You can choose an engraving to go with the wreath design, as well as an insert for the backside.

If you require a smaller size for your students, then take a look at the 1.75″ Wreath Flag Football Medal. The diameter is good for elementary school athletes. This also has the wreath pattern that can go with your custom engraving or personalization.

The Joy Of Flag Football

Football is generally a contact sport. Flag football is the exception, which makes it much safer for the players, and fun. Kids enjoy the thrill of running for a touchdown, or to reach and grab that precious flag to stop the other team from scoring.

Flag football requires less protective equipment, owing to the flags serving as an equivalent for a tackle. That also reduces the expenses required for the game from the sports department, while nurturing an atmosphere of fun. You can look back at a game with wistfulness and pride for your students, and keeping the sports budget to a reasonable amount.

What’s more, flag football encourages teamwork among students as they work together to create a line defense or to aim for an interception. Kids need to communicate their intentions before play, and how they intend to move. While professional football requires hours of strategy in a locker room, flag football tends to have a few minutes for one team to determine their playing mode.

You can also trust flag football to build sportsmanship and positive attitudes. When a child wins or loses a game, they can acknowledge how well the other team played, or their accomplishments.

Find More Flag Football Trophies And Medals From Paradigm Recognition

Paradigm Recognition is your top source for medals and trophies. We have custom options so that you can deliver pride to your individual students and even teachers in some cases. Bulk flag football medals are one of our specialties.

Are you interested in learning how to honor your students’ sports or academic achievements? Then reach out to us today. Paradigm Recognition will answer all of your questions about medal options and what is the best fit for the image that you have in mind.