Academic Medals

Schools want to encourage students who always try their best at various academic achievements. Medals and awards can provide tangible proof accomplishments. In primary school, academic medals can boost a younger student’s confidence and motivate them to work harder, while for secondary school these awards can supplement college applications and CVs.

At Paradigm Recognition Academic performance is a top priority and so should recognizing it. We offer an extensive line of Academic Medals to meet every need including color, size options, budgets and events dates. All medals come with a free neckband and engraving options. Fast on-time delivery.

Try our free Academic medal designer tool and preview your medal before buying it. Once you click on the medal of your choice, our medal designer will pop up. Certain options have a fair amount of neckband color choices, to match any school branding or reward tiers.

Types Of Award Medals For Academic Achievements

Spelling Bee Medals

Spelling bees require intense studying and memorization from the participants. One word can spell victory or defeat for the participants.

When you want to make a purchase, consider the potential variety to designate first, second and third place. APM Spelling Bee Medal comes in vintage bronze, gold or silver depending on your color preferences.

Reading Medals

Books can change a student’s life, no matter their age. They can learn more about the world they live in, or become invested in a narrative that shows similarities to theirs. For that reason, hosting reading programs can benefit people that may not show interest in books otherwise, by rewarding them for expanding their mind.

The 2 1/2″ Star Book & Lamp Medal is a good reward for completing a reading challenge. While it comes only in gold, the 3D printing allows for intricate design work.

Science Fair Medals

Science fairs can become competitive, with many students wanting to show their experiments. In some cases they can present their display boards and models on a regional or national level.

Science Medals

While science fairs focus on the experiments and results, general science can encourage students who show a passion for studying the world around them. Some students will go into medicine or research areas that can improve their quality of life.

Mathematics Medals

Specific fields of mathematics can prove difficult, especially in upper levels with calculus. Students may lose interest as the methods change over time. Math helps one develop analytical reasoning and structural knowledge to understand different foundations.

To represent how using pi and calculating x can prove rewarding, the APM Mathematics Medal depicts both as well as other tools. They show how hard the students have to work.

Honor Roll Medals

The honor roll can help students stand out by applying to extracurricular programs, commending them for hard work during a quarter or semester. Students may need that boost to double-check their homework questions or study harder for quizzes.

Find Your Ideal Academic Awards At Paradigm Recognition

Paradigm Recognition is ready to provide the medals that you need for various school events. We have design options so that you can prepare for the next special occasion.

To find out more about your school options, please reach out to our representatives today. At Paradigm Recognition, you can find ideal medals for recognition awards.