• From the textured background of the recessed triangle framed in silver to the 2" insert that has the ability to be customized, Paradigm Recognition's 5 1/2" Custom Triad Resin Trophy features a ton. This fantastic trophy is made from a sturdy resin that offer a variety of sports, activities, clubs, and more.
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    Paradigm Recognition

    5 1/2" Custom Triad Resin Trophy

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  • Diamond Plate Custom Softball Trophy
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    Diamond Plate Custom Softball Trophy

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  • Cobra Award - 7 1/2" -2" Insert Award. Material: Plastic. Color: Antique Gold. The back is rounded with the "hood" detail around it. Weighted plastic awards are individually boxed.
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    Paradigm Recognition

    7 1/2" Custom Cobra Trophy

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Custom Logo Trophies

Organizations everywhere are realizing the importance of expressing gratitude, admiration, and respect for their members in a way that is both rewarding and memorable. From schools and community athletics leagues to companies and professional seminar events, everyone is noticing the power of providing a tangible token of appreciation.

Many people underestimate the value of a traditional trophy when, in fact, trophies are a great way to reward excellence in any organization. Whether they’re for a sports team or a trivia competition, trophies are the ultimate symbol of victory and success.

Furthermore, they also serve as excellent promotional tools for the business, school, or group that hands them out in the first place. If you’re an administrator who wants to promote organizational excellence through awards, then a custom logo trophy from Paradigm Recognition is the perfect choice.

Custom Trophies with Your Logo

With customized trophies and awards from Paradigm Recognition, your employees, athletes, students, or participants will be made well aware of your gratitude for their efforts. Meanwhile, your awardees will advertise your organization — as well as its culture of appreciation — when they display their prizes for others to see.

Ideas for Custom Logo Awards

Fortunately, there are many ways for you to fit custom award trophies into your organization. You may already have the infrastructure to introduce it (such as if you run an athletics club or your company hosts a corporate trivia night), or you may need to start a program from scratch.

Either way, at Paradigm Recognition, we have several ideas for developing a rewarding appreciation program at your organization.

A Champion’s Trophy for Community or Corporate Softball Leagues

You can form a softball league in your community or at your place of business; if you already participate in one, and they don’t provide awards and trophies, then what’s going on? Why don’t they?

Good thing you’re looking into it.

Our Diamond Plate Custom Softball Trophy is the perfect way to commemorate a long and fulfilling season. You can customize it with your company logo, or the logo of any local businesses who sponsor your community team.

An All-Star Trophy for Volunteers and Team Players

The expansive customizability of our 7 1/2″ Custom Cobra Trophy empowers you to create an appreciation program centered on any activity you wish. Perhaps your company prefers to organize for volunteer activities rather than athletic events; this customizable trophy is the perfect way to motivate and acknowledge those all-stars who step up to help their community, their teammates, or their colleagues.

Personalized Trophies for an Employee Recognition Ceremony

This 5 ½” Custom Triad Resin Trophy is perfect for personalization. Like the all-star trophy, its design leaves ample room for custom interpretation, making it perfect for any number of employee recognition award ideas.

An Unforgettable Prize for Work Anniversary and Years-of-Service Recognition

Truly one of our most captivating designs, the Sun Ray Custom Trophy is the perfect choice for recognizing those members of your organization who have shown many years of loyalty. It will serve as a constant reminder of their commitment and your gratitude. Furthermore, with its timeless aesthetic, it won’t go unappreciated by the awardee and those who see it displayed.

Trophies Made to Order

At Paradigm Recognition, you can essentially create your own trophy for any purpose that requires appreciation and commemoration. No minimum orders means you can design a single custom trophy, or hundreds of personalized trophies and awards.

Better still, you can provide multiple, unique personalizations without the need to place separate orders. Further, while our wholesale trophy pricing already provides an abundance of savings, and every order receives fast, timely shipping, all orders over $99 also receive free shipping!

The Best Custom Trophies from Paradigm Recognition

Trophies make a big difference in morale. Competition is extremely important when trying to motivate athletes, students, or employees to perform at their best.

Therefore, you can elevate morale in your organization by awarding people for their hard work, and you can advertise your group by designing a trophy with your brand logo. To be the custom trophy maker for your company, school, community league, or organization, reach out to our team today.