Bulk Soccer Medals for Your Team

Soccer has been around for centuries and has amassed a global fandom. As an increasing number of children and young adults take an interest in the sport, more youth leagues and school systems provide competitions of their own.

When it comes time to award the exceptional performance of your athletes, you can’t send them home empty-handed. The question is, do you opt for soccer trophies or medals?

A soccer trophy can be nice to receive, but they aren’t as portable or as cost-effective as their smaller, awards cousins. Additionally, you often have more design, size, and personalization options with a medal.

At Paradigm Recognition, we have a diverse selection of soccer awards to choose from in our shop. Whether you’re one of the coaches, a manager, or just an excited soccer mom, your search for the perfect award has finally come to an end.

Customizable Soccer Award Medals

Classic soccer medals, like this FE Soccer Medal, are a great way to add authenticity to any organized sports competition. Athletes will appreciate the care and attention you put into finding the perfect award for their effort.

Our Starbrite Soccer Medal, for example, adds class due to its timeless design and brilliant appearance, making it perfect for awarding first-place competitors. Alternatively, our Wreath Soccer Medal offers a more subtle approach, its design invoking a connection to history rather than spectacle.

Add a Splash of Color with a Vibrant Epoxy Soccer Medal

Color makes everything more fun. From our High Tech Soccer Medal to our Black Magic Soccer Medal, we have customizable options for every league. This Mosaic Soccer Medal actually seems to blend eye-catching hues with the classic aesthetic of more traditional awards.

Ornate Soccer Medals

Then, there are those leagues, districts, and tournaments that search for ways to help make their award ceremonies stand out. This Dual Plated Soccer Medal, for example, has a very futuristic, silver aesthetic that might appeal to your players.

Does your competition use “All-American” in the title? Then this Patriotic Soccer Medal is the perfect prize. It boasts all of the familiar icons, such as soccer cleats, a ball, and a goal, on an American flag background. Its subdued border keeps the viewer’s focus affixed to the sportive red, white, and blue design in the middle.

Perhaps the only star you want to focus on is the one receiving the award. Melding an ornate appearance with a simple design aesthetic, our Star Soccer Medal could easily qualify as a classic award. A soccer ball dominates the center field, while a halo of stars comprise the border.

Finally, our BG Soccer Medal is one of the most complex and compelling awards we have in stock. It features the classic soccer ball-and-goal design, but with a unique depth of view that appears almost 3-dimensional, and an intricate border that emphasizes your target.

Personalize Your Soccer Medals at Paradigm Recognition

When you’re planning, scheduling, and coordinating an awards ceremony, everything comes down to that moment your athlete sees their prize. Whether it’s because of the design or the text you had engraved, you want to be confident that they will feel awed, humbled, and inspired by what they see.

At Paradigm Recognition, we recognize that you have an abundance of options to choose from when you’re on the search for the perfect awards. Our shop has a huge selection of soccer awards to choose from, with multiple styles and size options to ensure your league has found the perfect fit. Better still, many come with free engraving and a free neckband ribbon.

We offer wholesale ordering and fast delivery on small, medium, and bulk orders so we can help leagues of varying sizes. If you want more information about the perfect match for your next tournament, reach out to our team today.