Custom Wholesale Cross Country Medals with Free Neck Ribbon

Cross country running is one of the easiest sports to organize because it requires little-to-no equipment and is completed independently by individual racers. It’s an ideal solution for school sports competitions, youth track and field leagues, and even non-profit organizations looking for a fun way to encourage sportsmanship and physical fitness, or to bring awareness to a cause.

If you’re on the search for a fun and budget-friendly way to recognize the accomplishments of your racers, then look no further. Custom cross country awards are perfect for providing athletes with memorabilia that they can cherish. A medal is economical, customizable, and much more portable than trophies and plaques.

There is no better feeling for a cross country racer than crossing the finish line. However, a personalized gold, silver, or bronze medal may be a close second. When they see these tokens, they will have a physical reminder of how much their hard work and sacrifice have paid off.

Personalized Cross Country Medals

At Paradigm Recognition, we have a diverse selection of awards. Further, because they can be personalized, you’re sure to find the right award for your league, team, or tournament.

Add Class to Your Race with a Classic Cross Country Medal

Classic cross country awards are a great way to add authenticity and authority to your race. Fortunately, we have multiple styles, in various sizes, to ensure you find what you need.

For example, choose from our 1.75-inch Wreath Cross Country Medal and 2.75-inch Wreath Cross Country Medal to find the right size to fit your logo or text. Our Sunray Cross Country Medal is available with 2 inches of space, giving you a mid-range size option on a timeless design.

Illuminate the Finish Line with Ornate Cross Country Medals

As any race organizer is likely aware, some athletes want to take home something with a shinier look. For them, we have a collection of eye-catching awards, like this Superstar Cross Country Medal that makes it clear who’s the star of the show.

Our Starbrite Cross Country Medal adds a little more elegance to that style by opting for a more sophisticated aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place at a nationwide event. This Star Medal Cross Country Medal takes the approach of both of its cousins and amplifies the ornate style by adding a star-studded border and more complexity to the look.

Bulk Cross Country Medals with Personalized Engraving

If you’re looking for a fun way to reward your cross country runners at the end of the season, then what better way is there than to drape a beautiful award around their neck? And if you’re shopping for the perfect medals, then you’re in the right place.

At Paradigm Recognition, our shop has a wide selection of products at low prices. From classic medals to medals with a color resin look, we can help you find the ideal trophy, medal, or plaque for your league.

Whether you’re hosting a 100-meter dash or a miles-long cross country race, we have an abundance of medals available for your search. All of our medals come with fast delivery and a free neck ribbon, and many of our medals are offered with free engraving on the back.
Because, when you’re handing out sports awards, your racers expect only the best recognition for their results. If you want more information on new cross country medals with personalized engraving, reach out to our shop today. We’d be happy to show you how our products can take your race to the next level.