Celebrate Your Sports Star with a Rock Star Trophy from Paradigm Recognition

Celebrate Your Sports Star with a Rock Star Trophy from Paradigm Recognition

Posted by Scott Cercy on Sep 3rd 2021

In the world of sports, there are always superstars, but it’s not easy earning that distinction. You have to be physically fit, mentally tough, and full of competitive fire. Your star athlete deserves an award that reflects their hard work and dedication to the game.

At Paradigm Recognition, we have a wide selection for custom trophy awards for you to choose from. However, we know there are times when the sports star in your life deserves something a little extra special.

With a Rock Star Trophy, you can award a champion team, individual players, or even a game MVP. An authentic, V-style guitar holds the football or baseball aloft, and is an excellent way to communicate that the awardee is a rock star! It’s adorned in an antique gold finish and comes in your choice of 7.5” or 9” in height. The custom engraving is perfect for detailing name, team, and season information.

Rock Star Football Trophy

What better way is there to recognize your football champions than with customizable trophies they can display forever? With our Football Rock Star Trophy you can reward your star player, or players, for their hard work and effort.

Whether you coach a Pop Warner team or host a casual touch-football league, this trophy design is a great way to make your players feel appreciated. Hosting a fantasy football league? It’s ideal as a fantasy football trophy, and will be a unique award for the league winner this season.

Rock Star Baseball Trophy

Baseball has long been hailed as America’s pastime. Players often begin in little league before progressing to school leagues in middle school and high school. Regardless of where they are in terms of experience, every player deserves to be acknowledged.

If you’re looking for a way to award the baseball player in your life, then the Rock Star Baseball Trophy is the perfect choice. This award will serve as a constant reminder of their achievements, and push them to strive for more.

You may have a child playing for their school, or a friend who plays for the local intramural league. They’ll feel pride when you present them with this award to remind them that they are rock stars.

Your Trophy Store for Custom Trophies Online

Paradigm Recognition is your home for the trophies and awards you need for the people you care about. We understand that there are many cheap trophies online, which is why we want to supply you with high-quality, well-designed, and personalized trophies and awards.

With sports seasons on their way, there’s already a lot for you to be concerned about. Awards and recognition don’t need to be one of them.

Finding a custom trophy shouldn’t be exhausting. We have a passion for recognition, and would love to help you find exactly what you need. If you want assistance with finding the perfect medals and trophies, contact our team today.