Custom Medals for Races

Custom Medals for Races

Posted by Scott Cercy on Sep 3rd 2021

Custom Race Medals

It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to train for and run a race, so your racers deserve to be recognized. A custom race medal will be an important reminder about this special achievement for years to come.

Our high quality customized medals are a great way to commemorate the achievements of racers of all skill levels. At Paradigm Recognition, you don’t have to settle for one class of medal. With a wide variety of finishes, from gold and silver to bronze, and even the U.S. flag, you can easily customize a series of medals to fit your race.

Once you find the right medals for your event, you can preview how your custom options will look with our free Medal Designer tool – just click the award of your choice, and the tool will pop-up. All of our custom race medals (no minimum order) come with a free neckband, and we guarantee fast, on-time delivery.

Running Medals

Our selection of running award medals are an ideal way to reward participants in your race. Runners can display these personalized race medals to show friends and family what they are capable of achieving.

The race medals for sale at Paradigm Recognition are of the highest quality. The designs are as beautiful as they are inspiring. Each medal comes with a free neckband, and you can order 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place neckbands to differentiate the winners. Whether you are organizing a race or a fun run, a gold medal for running is sure to make your event memorable.

5K Race Medals

5Ks are one of the most common types of races, and there’s nothing like the feeling of completing one. Although, having a custom 5K race medal placed around your neck may be a close second.

Even if your event isn’t intended to be competitive, medals are still a great way to make people feel good about participating. Another common reason for a 5K is for company wellness events or raising awareness about a cause.

The Dual Plated 5K Medal is our most prestigious medal, so it’s a great reward for coworkers who show up for their health or in support of charity. You can add up to three lines of engraving, which means the custom message will continue communicating your mission long after the race has concluded.

Cross Country Medals

Cross Country races are for rugged runners, and those who make it across the finish line deserve to be awarded. With our extensive line of Cross Country medals, you’ll find the sizes and colors you need without going over budget.

All custom medals – no minimum order – come with a free neck ribbon so they can display it proudly after their victory, and our engraving option means you can add event details, such as names, dates, or sponsors. In fact, you can preview your medal before you order it, with our free Cross Country medal designer tool. Once ordered, we guarantee fast, on-time delivery.

10K Race Medals

Our Wreath 10K Medals are a perfect way for your racers to commemorate their accomplishment. Ten kilometers, or just over 6 ⅕ miles, is not a short distance to run, so your racers deserve to go home with a physical reminder of their experience. They’re available in two sizes, three finishes and with, as always, up to three lines of engraving.

Triathlon Medals

For some competitors, a foot race just isn’t enough. These athletes want to prove their mettle by competing in a grueling triathlon – running, swimming, and biking their way to a win. When they’ve finally broken the tape at the end of the course, they should be awarded with one of our Triathlon Medals. These beautifully designed awards perfectly illustrate the trials your racers have just overcome, making the medals a lasting token of their success.

Track Medals

Stay on track of your Track Medals. It’s one of the most popular sports throughout schools in the United States and the second most popular sport in the world. Our line of awards is diverse enough to fit every occasion.

The unique design of our Star Track Medal is eye-catching, while the all-one-finish (available in antique gold, silver, or bronze) style of our Starbrite Track Medal is excellent for communicating the placement earned by your racers. If you’re hosting a track and field event, make sure you’ve chosen an award that makes your racers feel like world champions.

Choosing the Best Custom Race Medals for You

It can be exhausting to organize a sporting event. With so many things that need to be done before the race pistol is fired, you shouldn’t have to also worry about the quality of the awards you’ll be presenting. At Paradigm Recognition, we know awards – and we’re excited to help you find the right custom medals for your race. Please contact our team today, and we’ll direct you to our finest awards so you can have one less worry before race day.